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How to choose a property in Spain: tips and advice

To choose the right property in Spain for permanent residence with family or subsequent lease, you should decide which object you want to purchase. In this article you will find a lot of useful information about the appropriateness of choosing a house/apartment/Bungalow that will help to simplify the purchasing process.

Factors vlasie property in Spain

Before you choose a property in Spain, the buyer must consider a number of factors – the type of desired object for purchase, infrastructure development of the settlement, the number of residents, presence/absence of entertainment (true in the case if you plan the subsequent surrender of property lease). One of the main criteria of choice, of course, is the cost of the project.

According to statistics, property in Spain is in great demand among foreign nationals due to the flexible price policy and the profitable opportunities of investment.

How to choose the right property

For buyers who plan to rent housing to rent, it is recommended to pay attention to the objects located within walking distance from the shoreline. Of course, the cost of these villas/apartments will be several orders of magnitude more expensive, but the owner will be able to save on payment of monthly utility bills. Such property is not recommended to buy couples with young children, as the constant noise, the large influx of tourists can bring quiet rest to zero. In addition, in areas located near the beach, often have difficulty car Parking.

Not to overpay additional funds for the purchase of real estate in new buildings, attention should be paid to the secondary housing market and its condition at the time of purchase. Economy option considered apartments located in older areas of large cities or in older buildings.

If you prefer a comfortable stay in Spain, we recommend you to opt for the purchase of a Villa with swimming pool and large plot of land. You can save on the purchase of a Bungalow or townhouse. The main advantage of the latter is the presence of multiple owners with whom you can enter into a relationship of trust and to seek support in supervision for housing during your absence. We wish you good shopping and lots of fun in Spain.