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Principal of real estate in Spain

Before you buy a property in Spain, you should choose the right type of real estate object on the basis of individual preferences and financial possibilities. In this article you will learn about what types of properties are most common among potential buyers, as well as the advantages of their purchase.

Flats and apartments

This type of real estate suitable for a family residence or to rent it out. Most often, the Spanish apartment is no different from the usual Russian and may consist of several bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. If you decide to buy a property in Spain of this type should take into account the fact that when submitting the announcement of the sale, the owner specifies not the total number of rooms, only the bedrooms. As flats and apartments in multi-storey buildings. In the choice of such housing in the resort areas of Spain, you can not worry about infrastructure development, as it often is in the territory of the residential complex. Entertainment, pools, playgrounds – everything is at hand.


Few people have an idea of what a Bungalow in Spain, and mistakenly associate this property with a small house located on the beach. In fact, this housing is part of a one-or two-story complex, which provides all conditions for comfortable life. Is a cross between the usual apartment or house, so will be an ideal purchase for couples. On the ground floor can accommodate Parking for vehicles, to allocate space for a barbecue or to break a recreation area for children. The second floor is the best fit for those who love to sunbathe or wishes to equip the Solarium.


The duplex is a comfortable property consisting of two floors and suitable for couples, who often are visiting relatives or friends. In some cases, the term "duplex" can be called and an ordinary apartment. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and sometimes one single bedroom. The second floor is convenient because there are several bedrooms and additional bathroom. The cost of such housing depends on which region of Spain it is located.